Is Tiffin Service Good For Health?

Is tiffin service good for health?

If you’re a student or someone who’s looking for a tiffin service then there’s an obvious question in your mind: are tiffin services good for my health? so in this post we will tell you exactly why you should go for tiffin services and why they’re generally good for your health.

But First , What Exactly Is A Tiffin Service?

Tiffin services are basically home cooked meals delivered to your doorstep, whether you’re a student, or someone very busy and you don’t have time to cook, that’s where tiffin services come in, this service exists to free up your cooking time.

We all understand how hard it is to cook your meals, but the game changes when home cooked meals are delivered right to your door.

Here Is Why Tiffin Services Are Good For Your Health

1. They Are Cooked In A Hygienic Environment

One of the top reasons for why tiffin services are good for your health is because they’re cooked in an extremely hygienic environment, since these are home cooked meals, they’re made in a very clean kitchen and everything is thoroughly cleaned before preparing your meals.

When it comes to a restaurant , they usually cook meals in bulk and managing the cleanliness becomes a secondary concern, which is why home cooked meals are much healthier.

2. High Quality Ingredients Are Used

When someone cooks their meals at home, they always make sure that they pick the highest quality of meat or vegetables, without any kind of additives or chemicals.

This plays a huge role in ensuring that the meals are healthy, unlike restaurants which usually select the cheapest ingredients and tend to add chemicals as well, since meals are cooked at home in a tiffin service, there is little to no chance of low quality ingredients being used.

3. No Cross Contamination

Always remember that whenever large amounts of meals are cooked there is always cross contamination, but since tiffin services involve home cooked meals, cross contamination is little to none because usually only one meal can be cooked at a time.

And if cross contamination occurs then your meals usually taste odd.

4. A Healthy Combination Is Usually Used

When it comes to Indian tiffin services, we usually cook our meals in a balanced manner, for example we might pair vegetable curry with roti or rice, giving you a complete balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

5. Quality Control

After the meals are cooked, we ensure that each meal tastes and smells exactly like we want it to, every meal that we prepare goes through a quality inspection to observe for any contaminants so they can be removed immediately.

In addition to that, our meals also go through a temperature inspection to make sure that they are cooked at the right temperature so as to eliminate all of the bacteria in the food.

6. Safe Packaging

Packaging is another important factor in home cooked meals, this is because a good quality packaging will never damage your food. We make sure that the boxes we use are safe from bacteria and any kind of contaminants.

7. Sanitized Cutlery

If we give cutlery along with our meals then we make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.


We’ve given you 7 reasons for why tiffin services are generally good for your health, if you don’t have the time to cook your meals then you should definitely order from us because we will ensure that your meals are cooked to perfection!

If you’re wondering how much Indian tiffin services cost then we’ve got a complete guide on that as well.