How Much Do Indian Tiffin Services Cost In Winnipeg?

Tiffin services in Winnipeg usually vary by each provider, however the main things that you should be looking for are if the food is high quality and you’re getting your moneys worth. Many tiffin service providers charge a lot of money but we’re going to tell you how to avoid getting charged too much.

Follow along to see how much Indian Tiffin services cost in Winnipeg.

Know Your Requirements First

Before deciding to order any kind of tiffin service, always ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why You Need A Tiffin Service In The First Place

This is the first thing that you should ask yourself because it will help give you clarity on why exactly you need this service, are you an extremely busy person? perhaps you’re working in a job sector such as truck driving or an I.T engineer that you don’t have time to cook your meals.

Or perhaps you’re just a student who’s very occupied with their studies, asking yourself the why is the first step because it can help you get clear on your goals.

2. How Many Meals You Need

Getting clear on how many meals you need every day is very crucial because this will actually help you decide the budget, you don’t want to spend too much money just to end up wasting all the food. You can monitor how many meals you need by simply counting your calories per day or counting your meals per day.

3. Decide On The Budget

After you’re clear on how many meals you need, budget control comes next, if you’re a student then one meal per day is enough, you can make breakfast yourself so the cost of 7 meals per week should not be more than $150.

Luckily, we fall under this budget so order now! one meal is usually enough to last you a day because tiffin services like us usually give you a little extra than what’s required.

The Cost Also Depends On The Type Of Meals

Different types of meals always have different costs, a vegetarian meal is usually cheaper than a non vegetarian meal. If you just need something to get by then go for a vegetarian meal, our vegetarian meal starts from $7 only!

If you’re a non vegetarian then you should expect to pay around $10-12 per non vegetarian meal, because they usually take more effort and time to cook, in addition to that, roti and rice are a must whether it’s a non-veg or a veg meal.

So keep in mind what type of hunger you’re looking to satisfy, normally , we would recommend that you go with half vegetarian meals and half non vegetarian meals to balance your diet.

This way you won’t have to spend hundreds of bucks on tiffin services and the maximum amount you’ll have to spend is around $80-90 per week!

Are Tiffin Services Worth It?

Nowadays people need more time to focus on their work and goals, cooking is something that consumes almost 5-10% of your day. Getting rid of that 10% and focusing on something more important will help you achieve your business goals, or even get better grades.

So tiffin services , although a bit expensive , are always going to be worth it because they help you minimize the time you need for cooking and instead help you focus on more important things.


In conclusion, whether you’re a student or a worker you need tiffin services because they help you free out your time for other important things. The usual cost you should keep in mind is about $70-80cad per week. The amount might vary depending on what type of meals you choose to go for.

For more information on tiffin services in winnipeg, feel free to contact us by filling out this form!

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